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In a world filled with a million confusing offers, BCX can help you find exactly the right solution for your business. We’ve got mail, backup and software solutions on Africa’s most reliable cloud.

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X is always on

With 99.995% uptime, you can rely on us to have your business running efficiently. No downtime, no stress, just the right tools when you need them.

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Help, I have no idea what my business needs!

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Your business and staff needs real connections in real time from anywhere and any device.

Trust tomorrow and collaborate better
with BCX and Office 365.

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Email safer. Work smarter. Save more.

Trust tomorrow with BCX
and Hosted Exchange.

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Meet virtually, anyone, anytime, anywhere.

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Your X is scalable

We find exactly the right solution for your business right now, and in the future. As your business grows, we can help you scale up your solutions, all without the necessity of complex IT skills.

Get your domain from us

You can’t have a website without a domain name. Like a street address that marks where you live, a domain marks the spot where your business can be found on the internet and helps drive customers directly to your website. Let us help you find one with a great X-factor.
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